Tribute to Martha Elzer Martha Elzer stepped into our lives when she and her husband, Charly came hunting with us in March 2002. From that time on we became very good friends and we have spend a lot of time travelling and hunting in South Africa and Namibia as they would often came down to South Africa to hunt with us. She accompanied her husband on all his hunting trips, and was with him on some hair raising experiences like the buffalo in Tanzania and of course the lion in south africa.    The Impala lilly’s Charly & Martha  With Charly’s elephant tusks  In the cold with Bontebok On Charly’s 80th birth-       she so loved with Lion cub day’s Mac Nab Martha was well loved by all who knew her as she was a typical mother figure and wanted to know everything about everybody. She cared so much about all of us, the christmas cards and gifts for the small children, as well as the ‘big’ children of course, was always appreciated. We will all miss her very much and may Charly and her family find peace in the knowing that she had a full life and was very special to us.